RNLI City of London Committee 

The RNLI and Tower Lifeboat Station (TLS) receive no government funding and are supported entirely by donations from the public. TLS is supported by the RNLI City of London Committee (COLC) comprising volunteers who are predominantly professionals working within or with other links to the City of London. The COLC raises money for the RNLI, specifically to fund TLS, and promotes awareness of the important lifesaving and other activities carried out by TLS and the RNLI. 


The RNLI’s links with the City of London go back to its foundation in 1824 when the inaugural meeting of the RNLI was held at the City of London Tavern in Bishopsgate. The RNLI’s offices were originally established at Austin Friars in the City of London and remained in there for 27 years.  The City of London Branch was formed on 13th June 1894 at a public meeting held at The Mansion House, the official residence of the Lord Mayor of the City of London.  It was at this meeting, presided over by the Lord Mayor, that the General Committee of the Branch, comprising influential representatives from all the major business sectors in the City, was created. The City of London Branch subsequently became the COLC and remains very active in raising funds and awareness for TLS and the RNLI.


If you would like to find out more about the activities of the COLC please contact Caren Buchanan at buchanancaren@icloud.com.